Friday, October 18, 2013

This Week: Feeling Like Fall

The weather is cool, the leaves are falling, and I made sugar cookies in the shapes of pumpkins and candy corn. Sure feels like fall around here!

#2 is not a fan of shirts with collars. Or buttons. Which is pretty much all of the shirts he wears to church. So on Sunday afternoons he takes his shirt off as soon as he can. It's too cool to stay without a top for very long though!

#1's birthday is next week, but since #2 and our friends were out of school on Monday, we celebrated with them. Plan A was to go to the zoo in DC, but it was closed. We still had fun though!

Leaves from our front yard.

Time outside.

#1 didn't feel well this week, so we had a light day of school and then made up for it the next day. He worked on skip counting by twos and did great! 

I don't bake very often, but my favorite cookie cutters are fall shapes, so I usually make sugar cookies around this time a year. They may not look great, but they sure taste good!

Hope your fall is off to a great start!

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