Thursday, April 18, 2013

Feature on Our Church and Family

(picture from the article)
Last week Lee and I talked to a reporter from the local newspaper about our family and the special needs ministry our church offers. The article is out today and you can read it at the York Daily Record. We are thankful for our church and for all those who serve in this ministry. #2's occupational therapist Nicole started the ministry and it's now run by our friend Ashley. We continue to pray it reaches more families who need to hear the hope we have in Christ. 

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  1. Very cool that this is getting some recognition. I think it will help other churches start asking questions and gathering information on how they can implement these types of ideas into their own worship times.

    Just as a side note. I put your book on my blog in my "Month of Autism" posts. I really enjoyed it and hope other parents will read it as well.