Saturday, February 2, 2013

This Week

We started off the week with clash clothes night at Awana! #1 won for craziest clash clothes in his group. It's one of our favorite theme nights!

We got back to school time this week after being hit and miss in January since I wasn't feeling well so many days. We started off a little slowly, but we got all our work done! We've started reading The Magician's Nephew and got the book on CD from the library. #1 likes to listen to books on CD when he's in quiet time.

I was back at the doctor on Wednesday, this time for some neck and shoulder pain that just wasn't going away. The doctor said I pulled a muscle. Since sitting with my computer in my lap while working didn't feel good, I cleaned off my desk and got comfortable in my new desk chair.

There was a dino event in our area this weekend, so on Friday we went to check it out. #1 liked it a lot! We didn't do all the extras because they cost more, but he was happy with what we were able to do. #2 didn't like it very much. He kept his hands over his ears most of the time, so we followed it up with . . .

. . . a trip to the frozen yogurt place! Unfortunately, early this morning we realized #2 is indeed allergic to the strawberries we put on his yogurt yesterday. But, we think a strawberry allergy is better than acid reflux, which is what the doctor thought it was months ago when he first started having this reaction. At least we just have to eliminate one food from his diet.

#1 has been going to a theater class for the last few weeks. This morning they had their showcase and he played the part of Papa Bear. He did a great job with his lines and had a lot of fun. His class helper said he should audition for their next big production because she had lots of fun working with him. Sounds like we should!

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