Thursday, December 6, 2012

35 Things We Love to Do with Daddy

Today we're celebrating Lee's 35th birthday! The boys think Daddy is the best and love spending time with him. Here are 35 things they love to do with Daddy:

  1. eat breakfast
  2. get donuts
  3. read books
  4. go swimming
  5. drive in the car
  6. play at the park
  7. go to the theater
  8. watch movies
  9. play video games
  10. go to Chocolate World
  11. light-saber battle
  12. rake leaves
  13. sled in the snow
  14. wash the car
  15. take out the trash
  16. tickle
  17. go to the toy train museum 
  18. wrestle
  19. put together puzzles
  20. go to the grocery store
  21. get slushes at Sonic
  22. eat out 
  23. pray 
  24. sing songs
  25. tell jokes
  26. watch sports
  27. swing
  28. go to the fair
  29. ride the train in DC and go to museums
  30. wash dishes
  31. clean out the garage
  32. grill out
  33. go to church
  34. dance
  35. play games
Thanks for being such a great Dad! We love you!

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