Monday, January 25, 2010

8 Things I Still Don't Know About Boys

1. Why they would put anything that comes out of their noses into their mouths.
2. How they get so dirty.
3. Why it's so hard to get it all in the toilet.
4. The thought process that starts with, "That is tall" and ends with "I'll just jump off."
5. How they can watch TV and zone everything else out.
6. Why they won't eat my meatloaf, but will eat sand out of the sandbox.
7. Why bodily noises are so funny.
8. How I ever had any fun before they were in my life!


  1. LOL - this makes my day! :) Love the part about not eating meatloaf but eating sand... so. true.

  2. As the mom of three boys I was nodding my head all the way down the list LOL