Monday, August 17, 2009

5 Back to School Items I Love!

School supplies are still on sale and I'm stocking up! Not just for the kids, but also for myself. Here are 5 back to school items I love!
  1. Note cards- I'm not very good at learning foreign languages. One of the only things I was good at in Spanish, Hebrew and Greek was making flash cards. I still like organizing my thoughts and laying them out on index cards. 3 x 5 and 4 x 6- I buy them both in bulk.

  2. Bic Pencils- My husband and I have a hard time sharing books. He loves to highlight and I only use a pencil! Most of the reading I do is non-fiction so there's always something I want to remember, especially if I'm reviewing the book. So I love a big box of Bic pencils.

  3. Legal pads- I like these more than notebooks. No spiral edges and yellow is my favorite color. When they go on sale, I buy a package or two.

  4. Sharpies- This year I went with the biggest Sharpie collection I could buy! I'm tired of just black.

  5. Dry erase markers- I have a weekly dry-erase calendar in the kitchen where I do our menu and our schedule. This weekend I put a little dry-erase board on the front door so I could write reminder messages ("Don't forget to take the sunscreen!") and notes ("Have a great day! We love you Dad!").
Do you stock up on anything for yourself when you go back to school shopping?


  1. The 5 things I stock up on...

    1. Pens- I always need a pen at work and it's shocking how they have legs and just walk off. If I see a good deal for $1.00 or less on the grip kind I like, I'm likely to buy two or more packs.

    2. Markers- I can never have enough crayola markers. You can use them for all kinds of things! Love to get multiple boxes when I'm at Wal-Mart and they're only $1.00. With teaching school and Sunday school, I'm in need of markers for my students and my own projects.

    3. Post-It notes...if I see a good buy, I'll by a pack or two. I love the mini post-it notes. They are easy to put on a pre-existing calendar. I'm pretty well stocked so I haven't bought any this back to school season. I found a great buy at Staples a few months ago.

    4. Glue sticks- I love to buy a pack of glue sticks for my own projects. Plus you would be amazed at how many glue sticks a first through third grade Sunday school class can go through.

    5. Pink notebooks- I'm a huge sucker for the color pink. Whenever I find a cute pink notebook for 50 cents or less, I buy it for myself. I figure that I will find some way to use it. For exmaple, I've started jotting down ideas for this school year in my new pink Trapper one that I bought at Wal-Mart for 50 cents last week.

    Who says back to school shopping is just for kids?

  2. I really really love a fresh new notebook. Empty pages just waiting to be filled. I always must buy one at the beginning of the school year, even though I graduated from college 4 years ago!

  3. I stock up on sticky notes (love them)! I use them even as book marks for my personal reading and our various school books!

    I also like small spiral notebooks. I use green for prayer/devo, and I use red for school planning.

    I also love BIC pencils:)

  4. I saw your blog title on SimpleMom and popped over, as I love school supplies, too! And I have to tell you, if you are a member or know anyone who is, Costco has bulk packs of legal pads right now. :)

  5. After I read your list, I clicked on the link of a previous post on Why you Want to Homeschool, which I think is hilarious because everyone knows that most of us homeschoolers do it because of our addiction to Office Supply stores :)
    As a mom of 11 and homeschooler for 23 years, I will tell you that your reasons are right on the mark.

    And as I'm sure you already know - there is lots of homeschooling that goes on between birth and kindergarten. It's always amazed me that people think once the child turns 5 or 6, after the parents have already taught the child to walk, talk, go potty, and thousands of other necessary skills- suddenly they need an 'expert' to go forward.

    Love your blog :)