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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

This Week: DC Trip & More Sunshine

#1 and I headed to D.C. for a field trip day! You can see more on his website

Touching part of Mars! 

Learning about the beauty of God's creation.

Enjoying the sunshine!

School time! We're counting down the weeks we have left.

Lee and the boys passed around a stomach bug. #2 surrounded himself with his favorite things when it was his turn. 

We tested to see if #2 was ready to sit in a booster car seat instead of his 5-point harness seat. He did great!

Monday, April 14, 2014

This Week: Kicking off April

April has gotten off to a wonderful start, with enough warm days to get us through the cool and wet ones! Here are pics of some of the fun we've had so far!
We have ten weeks left of school, and #1 is working hard to get everything done!

#2 wants to play outside as much as possible. His allergies were pretty bad for a few days, but overall he's felt well.

#1 and I are back to playing tennis!

#1 is really enjoying his theater rehearsals. It makes for busy evenings, but we're learning to balance everything, even if we have to eat in the car!

A town near us had a food truck festival last weekend and we got there early to enjoy trying new foods. #1 especially liked the snow cone (called a snow ball here) with Pop Rocks!

Post-bath snuggle time!

Enjoying a day that was warm enough to wear shorts!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Month

I got a little behind on posting our pics in March, but we had a lot going on we wanted to share!

#2 had a few medical tests to see what's going on with his digestive system. We eliminated a few causes and are still working on helping him be more comfortable. 

#1 auditioned for a play at got a speaking part! He's going to be busy in rehearsals and productions for the next couple months and we're excited to see how his skills will develop. 

#2 got a Blue's Clues Thinking Chair from a friend! He loves it!

Making marble runs with Legos.

Hanging out behind the theater when Brother was in acting class.

#2 wanted Donald and Douglas, but they were discontinued. Our friend Alicia had them and her boys didn't play with them anymore, so she sent them our way. #2 was so excited to get them. 

#1 has had some busy days now that he has rehearsals. On this day, he had a doctor appointment, school time, and a read-through.  

Since he's so busy, we've had to get creative on when and where we get school time in. Like reading at lunch!

Family bowling time! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

This Week: Wrapping up February

#2 started the week with a stomach bug, but thankfully, no one else got it! 

On Tuesday, #2 had oral surgery. They weren't sure what all they were going to do until they got in there and did the x-rays. He ended up getting one tooth pulled, two root canals, and six teeth capped. He did great though and was back to normal by Tuesday evening. We just stuck to soft foods the rest of the week.

#1 was a big helper (and tester) when I made snacks for our youth group.

#1 is studying up, so he can beat Daddy next time they play chess.